01x12 - The Conversation

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Billions". Aired: January 17, 2016 –; present.*
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"Billions" is about a battle between two powerful New York figures where the stakes run into ten figures.
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01x12 - The Conversation

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Previously on "Billions"...

Chuck: You've been with him longer than you've been with me. You and Axe...
that's deep, and I f*cking hate it.

Hall: I've got a source, a janitor.

That's as high as I can nail down so far, but he's already coming through.

I'm gonna get you back from Eastern and make you happy.

I'd like to be happy.

Bryan: Got this made

'cause I was so f*cking proud of Chuck for pushing back.

You know I didn't drive all the way up here to Westport to give out "attaboys."

Had to bring the kick ass... with love.

Bad day. Something happened.

But I'll fix it.


You can't trust her.

I need an adjustment.

You're finally ready for a real session.

I take care of my people...


same as when Mick Danzig gets tackled on his lawn with a machine g*n in his f*cking hands.

I'm the one who pays off the cops to make the problem go away. That's what I do here.

Took me apart, put me together again.

♪ pensive music ♪

[both laughing]

♪ dramatic music ♪

[leather creaks]

Mm. [Gasps] Red!

You didn't get permission from Wendy?

She's intractable.


[shower running]


[faucet squeaks, water drips]

[laptop clicks]

♪ dramatic music ♪

[Sly and the Family Stone's "Everyday People" playing]

♪ Sometimes I'm right ♪
[door closes]

♪ And I can be wrong ♪
♪ My own beliefs are in my song ♪

I woke your assistant and made her tell me where you were.

I need to have her fired.

That's what I'd do, but you're nicer than me.

That I am.


Our comp meeting will happen as scheduled.

Your bonus will reflect your overall contribution to the firm, as always.

♪ I... ♪

But I needed to do something else for you...

♪ Everyday people ♪

...after what you did for me the other night.

[inhales sharply] Something special.

That's for you.


♪ For living with a fat one ♪
♪ Trying to be a skinny one ♪
♪ Different strokes for different... ♪

This is un-f*cking-believable.

Thank you.

♪ And scooby dooby doo ♪

This time, thank you.

♪ We got to live together ♪

Okay. I gotta go.

I'm on my way to meet Wags.

Starting a capital raise.

♪ We are the same... ♪

After our session, I had the sudden clarity that we were ready, that I was ready.

♪ You can't figure out... ♪

Go get 'em.

♪ The bag I'm in ♪

I will.


♪ I ♪
♪ Am everyday people ♪

I see it...

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

...looking at you, that you're ready.

But they may not be. At least... not yet.

♪ And so on and so on and scooby dooby doo ♪
♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Sha sha ♪
♪ I ♪
♪ Am everyday people ♪

[song ends]

[horns honking]

[telephone rings in distance]

man: Good to see you, man.



Welcome back, Lonnie.

Can't thank you enough. [Sighs]





[door creaks]

Chuck: Uh...

Don't even unpack.

I've got an assignment that has to happen now.

I'm listening.

There's a tip that I need you to bird dog for me.

Well, I'm birdy as a springer spaniel.

What is it?

Criminal behavior perpetrated by Bobby Axelrod.

I thought the office got that case pulled.

Well, this case would be different.

It's not white collar. Uh, federal firearms.


[exhales deeply] That's a monster.

Yeah. It can't be tied to me.

Ah. [Exhales deeply]


Start in Greenwich.

Mick Danzig.


[pen clicks]

Now you loop Connerty and his team in when the time is right, but again... [pen clatters] ...leave me out of it, Lonnie.

[pen cap clicks]

Yeah. I'll jump right in, keep your involvement entre nous.

[paper rustles]

Very good.

[vehicles passing]

Wags: Why do I have to carry this shit?

Bobby: I'm not gonna carry it. You know the drill.

Principal comes in unburdened, free but for his brilliant ideas.

And the COO... he lugs the books like a schoolboy with a crush.

There's no reason to even have these books.

This info can fit on the flash drive.

Do you know why we wear ties?

To signify seriousness of purpose.


Ours is not to question why... but to do, if... [horn honks ] .. like the schoolboy, we want our kiss.

Roller coasters are great at an amusement park.

I love 'em.

[horns honking in distance]

The ups and downs are what make it worth riding.

Not so much in an investment vehicle.

Unlike a roller coaster, our returns only go up.

[binder thudding]

But your life, Axe... [chuckles] The fund's profile.

You went from managing 10 billion in outside money to half that.

man: All of it yours.

That's true.

A year like that makes you question everything.

Makes you find new answers, too.

What'd you figure out?

That it's all about my why.


[sighs] I don't get to think about business in such an esoteric manner.

I have to evaluate risk, reward, return. That's it.

And to that end... [sighs] my people have a few questions.

Your Sharpe Ratio's very low.

How does an idea turn into an investment at your shop?

man: What's your mosaic theory at Axe Capital?

Fees from funds like ours used to pay your overhead.

How are you dealing with floating it all yourself?

I can't allow myself to care about that.

What I do care about is making decisions to benefit a greater number of people.

Now when I'm only working for myself or my staff, I'm sharp enough.

[pops lips] But when I'm making decisions for you as well as me, that's when I'm twice as careful, twice as focused, because I cannot live with losing somebody else's money.

That's my why.

Have you had your Carter Staley meeting yet?

Is he allocating to you?

[horn honks, vehicles passing]

He's a lemming. soon as you net one major allocator, he'll be in.

He was supposed to be the major allocator that would make the others comfortable.

We just one need domino.

[siren wailing in distance]

man: Yeah. Greenwich PD.

[indistinct conversations, door squeaks]

Thank you for bringing that in, Robin.

Robin: My pleasure, sir.

Duty rosters for the last several months, along with vacations times and radio call log.

[pages rustling]

If your subpoenas are in order, would you mind telling me what you're looking for?

[pages continue rustling]


[paper flutters]

Yes, I mind telling you.

[papers continue rustling]

woman: So you are that confident you can get back to the numbers you were at.

Bobby: No doubt. I have meetings lined up all week.


woman: Is Staley aboard yet?

Not yet.

Doesn't matter.

I'd be thrilled to be first money in.



Wags: Another whiff.

Bobby: Yep.

If it's that's easy, you know they're not coming in.

Nope. Just there for the story.

"Axe pitched me. How the mighty have fallen."

We gotta close Carter Staley.

[door handle clicks]

[feet thud]

man: Officer Salter responded to a disturbance call at the Danzig residence but found no reason to pursue matters with Mr. Danzig.

My client has nothing further to say.

We're going to be interviewing the rest of the shift that was on that night.

I'm gonna make it very clear to them.

Cooperation results in candy canes.

Obfuscation will get you coal.

Now let's talk about this vacation your client took to Vanuatu in early September.

What was the purpose...


If you want to lodge formal charges, let's rock and roll. Otherwise, you...

Don't you worry. We're about to rock like Cameo in '86.

[object thuds]

♪ tense music ♪

You're smashing back every one of their questions... when they f*cking ask them.

[horns honking in distance]

Like Agassi in his prime. The dam is gonna break soon.

I don't need the Coach K bullshit right now.

Well, what do you need?

Not sure. Something.

[engines rumbling]


Throw those books aside.

No, take those books, go back to the office, and I'll see you after.

♪ tense pulsating music ♪

[brakes squealing]


[tie lands]

[jacket rustles and thuds]

Here's how simple it is.

I've outperformed the S&P by 38.7% over the past 15 years.

But that's not at issue here.

The issue is the turmoil, the aspersions cast on my fund and me.

I'm talking about 9/11, arrests, whether I run a clean shop.

And I understand that.

In your shoes, I'd factor it in, too.

But I'd also factor in the true cost of missed opportunity.


In the span of... say, what? A year?

Nobody's gonna give a shit about any of that.

But the growth that you will have missed out on?

That's gonna eat you from the inside.

In a year's time, I'd be happy to revisit.

In a year's time, you're not gonna be able to get me on the phone.

When I walk out that door today, we are friends for life, or you don't exist to me ever again.


I'm about to go on the run of a lifetime.

I am aligned. I feel it.

And I know you can see it.

I'm here, but in ten seconds, the b*llet train leaves.


[clicks teeth] And if you wanna make money, climb the f*ck aboard.

man: Yes!




[cheers and applause]

I shouted out when you called me.

Holy f*ck, we're back!

Great, boss.

[palms slapping]

Come on. Come on!

Can't imagine how the bonus comp sessions would've gone if it went the other way.

Bryan: Welcome back.

Lonnie: Good to see you.

Good to see you, man.

So...[exhales] wanted to hit the ground running, but wanted you guys looped in on what I'm working... Axelrod.

Mandate to find extracurricular crimes.

You found one?

Bribery of police officials.

[exhales deeply]

Yeah, I got a pair of, uh, Greenwich cops with links to an Axelrod PM taking a vacation to Vanuatu a little while back.

Yeah, you know who vacations there? No one.

Oh, that place is a haven for offshore banking.

Wait, you think these cops went to visit their payoff money?

Set up their accounts?

Yeah, I had 'em turn their heads and cough, and they didn't give anything up, but... [inhales sharply] once the money's been tracked, they won't have a choice.

I'll e-mail you guys what I have.

This could really be something.

Lonnie: Yeah.

How'd you step into it?

On a hunch. [Sighs]

I reviewed arrest records of all Axe Capital...

There were no arrests. We checked.

Right. So then I looked into the suspicious activity reports in the Greenwich PD's dispatch log.

Found a few that raised a red flag that hadn't gone all the way through the system.

Huh. [Inhales deeply]

That's some f*cking hunch.

[cup thuds]

[engine revs]

[Courtney Barnett's "Pedestrian at Best" playing]

♪ I love you, I hate you, I'm on the fence ♪
♪ It all depends whether I'm up, I'm down ♪
♪ I'm on the mend, transcending all reality ♪
♪ I like you, despise you, admire you ♪

[siren wails]

♪ What are we gonna do ♪
♪ When everything all falls through? ♪
♪ I must confess I've made a mess of what should be ♪

[car door opens, police radio chatter]

[birds chirping, car door closes]

[window whirring]

[card clicks, footsteps approach]

Don't hand me that card. I gave you that card.


[card rustles]

Okay, you went this far, get right to it.

You have a problem.

You greased some fellows in my union.

[sunglasses rustle]

If you say I did.

I do.

And it worked.

Word is the US Attorney's office knows something about an... a*t*matic w*apon, paid off cops, and one of your guys.

You wouldn't know anything about it, would you?

I think I had a dream about it once.

Further word says they're rolling through people, rolling over them to get to the truth of the story.

How'd it get to you?

I make it my business to still know what's going on.

I have three sons and six nephews in various branches, and we don't miss much.

That's for sure.


I'll say a more complete thank you at a later date, but... thank you for being a friend.


And slow down on these g*dd*mn winding roads, Or next time it won't be the US Attorney that gets you.

[taps car]


[car door opens ]

[car door closes]


Orrin: If one of the officers flips, confesses, or if they find the money or g*n and can trace it...

They cannot trace the funds back to us. Yet.

They were securely handled, intermediaries, overseas banks.

But eventually, everything has a trail.

The laws regarding this type of thing... bribery of public officials, a*t*matic weapons possession, discharge, are not open to interpretation.

No judge's personal bent is going to help us here.

If Rhoades knows about it, then one of the cops is already talking, because Danzig doesn't know how we did what we did.

[sniffs] And they haven't picked him up anyway.


Orrin... [clicks teeth] you should leave for this part.

Thanks for your counsel, as always. Invaluable.

I serve at your pleasure.

[footsteps depart]


Wendy Rhoades.


I had a session.

Careless, I know.

[clicks teeth, sighs]

You needed connection. Few of us don't.

[inhales sharply] Should I prepare the materials for her?


It would be best if you continue on with her as is, so we can monitor her.

You're right.

[footsteps depart]




[wine pouring]

Kids ate.

Lara: I waited for you.

[bottle thuds]



Come here.


[door slides]


[door slides, clack]


You were right about Wendy Rhoades.

[inhales deeply] I told her something compromising, and it's coming back on me.

f*cking knew it. I told you. I knew it.

She needs to be shut down. Tight. Right f*cking now.

Yeah, when the time is right.

But for now... [sighs] remember the contingency plan we discussed?

[inhales deeply] It's time to put it in motion.


[whispers] f*ck.

It's really happening.


♪ tense music ♪

How are you gonna play it?

Like nothing's wrong.


[helicopter blades whirring]

So when we tie Axelrod to bribery of law enforcement officers and obstruction of justice...

We are sitting pretty in Schaefer City.


[hand thuds]

This is Axelrod in jail.

Real jail time, too.

[glasses click]

This is criminal behavior that, if proven, takes away any middle ground between right and wrong and marks him wrong forever.

It does.

I am frankly astonished. This is excellent work.

I never should've detailed you over to Eastern.

How did we let him go, Bryan?

I-I don't actually know.

How the hell did it happen, Chuck?

This kind of go-get-em attitude... [slaps back] ...and competence...

We've missed that around here.


Haven't we, Bryan?

I guess so.

Very good, gentlemen.

What are our next steps?

[file rustles]

[knocks on door]

[handle clicks]

Good morning.

It is.

[door closes]

[footsteps approach]

[palms slap]



That's what you have to say to me?

[pops lips]

[laughs] Wait.

I feel like I walked in halfway through the play.

I decided I wasn't gonna say anything, but now, looking at you, sitting there, smiling in my face, f*ck it.

You sold me out.


I tell you something compromising, and the next thing I know, the f*cking feds, your husband, is up my ass again.

♪ tense music ♪



[chair clatters]

[beeping, safe opens]

Just so you know, and...

[lock turns]

I wanna be clear as daybreak on this...


If I go...

[file rustles]


You go with me.

[pages rustle]


I have your web traffic on our server here, and from your laptop.

You got quite a dark side, don't you?

I would imagine this would make Dr. Wendy Rhoades look very unprofessional.

And, of course, the whole world, including the office of the US Attorney for the Southern District, and the Attorney General, would see it, too.


It's funny.

[file rustles]

I never instructed my man to take these when he set up the baths, but...

[paper rustles]

I suppose on, uh, on some deep level, I knew he would.

[picture rustles]

And you, being such a master of the subconscious... or is that mistress?


I suppose you would've known, too.


[inhales sharply] I didn't sell you out.

Polygraph me, m*therf*cker.

[papers thud]

I tell you about my issues with Danzig, and then in, ooh, the space of, what, 48 hours, there's a f*cking investigation underway!


[footsteps depart]

[door opens]

man: Twelve-thousand square feet of living space and, of course, complete privacy.

It's lovely. [inhales sharply]

For people in our... situation, which would you recommend?

Well, you can pick a school based on the villa or vice versa.

I have a packet of all those options for you.

And the timing can work as we've planned?

Yes. These particular schools are used to business people's children coming and going for a variety of reasons.

Will you be enrolling them under their real names?


Some don't. The stigma.

They want their kids to have a clean run at their new lives.

We can provide fresh passports for all of you.


Yes, their real names.

♪ tense music ♪

[clicks teeth] If I may, I knew I might be doing this for your husband one day, but his choices aren't always yours.

You and the children, you don't have to go.

But are you sure you wanna go through with this?

Because you know you can't come back.


We're all going together.

[inhales sharply] Let's talk about travel.

[clicks teeth] Yes.


Warren Zevon: ♪ I went home with a waitress ♪

[indistinct conversations]

♪ The way I always do ♪


[chewing] [footsteps approach]

[mouth full] Oh, hey.


I've been thinking about this burger at least twice a week.

[chuckles and inhales sharply]

Exiled and then returned.

[clicks teeth] Damned and saved.

I'm just saying I miss the burger, Bryan.

It's what you're not saying that has my attention.

[grunts] What the f*ck?



Are you okay?

Uh, I'm kind of... f*cked up, honestly.

That makes sense.

Here's what makes sense. You didn't... stumble upon this Danzig-Axelrod thing.

Someone fed it to you.

I've developed sources. One came through. Yes.

One just happened to come through the minute you walk back in the door?

[scoffs] At exactly the right time for you to pull that out for Chuck and the rest of the squad, huh?


[smacks lips] I understand how you're feeling with everything you've put into this.

But we can work together.

We can share the win.

♪ Well, I'm down on my luck ♪

[inhales sharply] Chuck's the one who gave it to you.

He got it somehow, and he's using you as his shill.

All right, check yourself, right now, before you come at me with some bullshit that wouldn't work on a street corner drug dealer.

You are gonna get hurt here in ways you can't see, and I'm trying to stop it from happening, for all of our sakes, but you gotta give me the real.


Beneficent as hell, but I'll pass.

Look, I know you bootstrapped your way to where you are.

But I want you to take one look into my eyes and tell me if you really think that I had it any easier.

♪ Send lawyers, g*ns and money ♪

If you have an issue with Chuck, take it up with him.

Otherwise, don't piss on my integrity. [Clicks teeth]

Excuse me. I'm gonna go back to eating my burger.


[exhales slowly]

man: Breaching a country's Air Defense Identification Zone in Europe today, very tough.

Dangerous for everyone involved.

Which is why I'll pay you double.

Come on, guys, are we solving this, or am I gonna find someone else who can?


All right, then.
[dog barking in distance]

[footsteps scuffle]

[front door closes]

[footsteps approach]

Hi. Where are the kids?

I sent them to Nancy's so we could do this.

[phone thuds]




I know what you did.

I don't believe this.

Everything I've done, no matter what, is for us.

I don't believe that, not anymore.

Not after you broke into my computer, opened my files, and read my session notes.

You stole the evidence you needed.

I had no choice.

We all have choices.

That's right.

That's right, and I'd do it again.


Because even if you can't put together what he's done to us, I can.

And that gives you the right to break into my computer?

If you give someone your password, is it really ...breaking in?

Yes, it is.

Do not come at me with another word of lawyer bullshit.

You can talk yourself into any kind of justification.

Sure. Yeah.

But, you know, it's no worse than you and your, "I'm there for my patients" bullshit, because these patients that you see are criminals.

That's the point.

[chair creaks]

And all the proof I could ever need is in that computer.

In my own house.

I know this much about the law...

You can't use what you found there.

It's privileged and inadmissible.

And if you do and you're caught, I won't lie on the witness stand.

Don't worry. A wife can't be compelled to testify against her husband.

Oh, I won't have to be compelled. I will volunteer.

[scoffs, laughs]

Jesus Christ, you really are one of them now, aren't you?

Holy shit.

[pounds table]

Are you really turning this on me?

You betrayed my trust.

After you were out all night.

And don't give me this crap about how it was all business either, because I saw the two of you out there.

Cozy as a couple of teenagers sharing a cigarette after a backseat f*ck.

Wow. You spied on me, too?

No. I wasn't there to spy.

Uh, it was to talk to you.


'Cause I'm desperate, Wendy.

I wasn't up there because of the case.

It was personal.

This man, this m*therf*cker, is destroying our lives.

He's driving us apart, and he's doing it deliberately.



You are. He is an outside factor.

This problem is here.

You could've walked away from this a million times.

You told me you had.

I can't.

It's not that simple.

Even this, uh, the reason we're here right now having this conversation, he knew that I was acting on the bribery before anyone could've known it.

He will not let me just walk away.

He will not stop until he ruins me.

Now you sound like a crazy person.

He had me followed, all right?

'Cause he's trying to trip me up, he's trying to trap me.

So I had to play dirty right back at him.

[inhales deeply] Followed? Where?


Trapped you how?



[clears throat] Uh...

[chair creaks]

[clicks teeth] After I saw you and Axe together, I got very worked up, past the point of, uh... [scoffs]

[clicks teeth] I went to see Troy.

♪ tense music ♪

And like I said, he had someone on me and, uh... well, if I didn't get lucky, there would be pictures on the front page of today's Post. [sniffles]


You went to see her without f*cking tell me.

Nothing happened.

[scoffs and laughs]

And I couldn't go through with anything anyway because, uh...

[hand thuds]

[sighs] Because you weren't there.

[scoffs] How touching.


I'm cut off.

I'm cut off from you, from us. [Inhales sharply]

And you sit there and you try to claim moral high ground.

Oh, oh, oh, oh. I claim it?

While you go on working at a criminal organization, and you can't even f*cking admit it to yourself, Wendy.

[exhales sharply]

And you prop it up and you suck in all that it gives you... status, money, control.

You know what? It gives me a hell of a lot more than you do, including honesty!

[laughs] Really?

[chair creaks, footsteps]

What? Like this? [Whistles]

How'd you earn... [keys clatter] ...that new hunk of metal that's parked outside?

What's that worth? A quarter mil?

I don't know. I didn't have it appraised.

[laughs] You know, what you should be appraising is your conscience.

'Cause you can lie to me about how it makes you feel, but you can't lie to yourself.


And if you're right there in the middle of it with a bunch of criminals, what do you think that makes you?


[keys clatter]

You don't get to ask me that question anymore.

I am going to take a walk. Pack your shit.


When I get back, be gone.


[footsteps depart]

[front door opens]

[door closes]

[door squeaks]


[door squeaks, dog barking in distance]


[footsteps scuffling]

[dog continues barking in distance]


[zipper whirs, door opens]

[clears throat]

[bag thuds]

[door closes]

Good news, boss.

Uh, banking authorities in Vanuatu have revealed that our cops have significant holdings there.

It's gonna take some time... these f*ckers are not cooperative... before we find that source of the funds, but we know what we're going to find.

[sighs] Case is terminated.

[fingers tapping chair]

♪ tense music ♪

What the f*ck is going on?

[clicks teeth] Looked like a winner, but it's not.

[clicks teeth] 'Cause there is no g*n.

Uh, there will never be a g*n.



That's good legwork, Lonnie. Thank you.

But I don't want you burning out your legs chasing another ghost.

[Chuck clicks teeth]




[clicks teeth] Okay.

[lowered voice] It's Chinatown, Jake.


[sighs, clicks teeth]


[footsteps depart]

[door opens]


[door handle clicks]

[indistinct conversations]

[door clicks]

Been here a while?


I didn't expect you back so soon after how you left.


[footsteps approach]


Wendy: I don't believe that, not anymore, not after you broke into my computer, opened my files... read my session notes...


You stole the evidence you needed.

Chuck: I had no choice.

[touchscreen clicks]

Chuck: 'Cause you can lie to me about how it makes you feel, but you can't lie to yourself.

And if you're right there in the middle of it, with a bunch of criminals, what do you think that makes you?

That's a hell of a question to have to answer.

I know.

[footsteps scuffle]

I am so sorry to have doubted you.

This is the part where you tell me you're gonna destroy everything you showed me, right?

I will destroy all copies of it, whether you believe me or not.

What else are you prepared to do?

[feet shuffle]

Your bonus.

I was planning to give you two million.

It just went up to five.

How do I know you mean it, that I won't walk down to my office and find it's one million and another four you're keeping invested here for me?

I'll wire it to you now, to your own account.

[receiver clicks, dial tone, dials keypad]

[inhales sharply] [line clicks]

Wags, five sticks wired now to Wendy Rhoades' personal account.

Wags: Whoa! Powerball winner.

[receiver thuds]

[clicks teeth] Check your e-mail in two minutes.

I will.

[clicks teeth] I'll triple it for that recording you played me just now.


It's worth that much to you?

Consider that my opening offer.

He's still the father of my kids.

[touchscreen clicks]

I had to try.

[cell phone buzzes]

I quit, Bobby. Chuck was right about one thing.

I can't be in denial about... [clatter] ...what this place is, what you are, any longer.

Not after what you showed me.

I know you trade on inside information and by other illegal means.

Or you let it be done for you.

You encourage it.

Are you taping me now?


I just need to hear myself say it.

Look, I can explain...

Good luck with that... and with everything.



♪ pensive music ♪

[door opens]

[door closes]


[door handle clicks]

[beep, thud]


[objects rustle, trunk creaks]


[trunk clicks]


[car door opens]

[engine starts, revving]

[engine continues revving]

♪ upbeat music playing ♪

[inhales sharply]

[sighs] [cellphone vibrates]

[vibrating continues]

[picks up cellphone]

[taps touchscreen]



[exhales deeply]

♪ pensive music ♪

[indistinct conversations]

[knocks on door, door handle clicks]


[indistinct conversations]

[telephone ringing in distance, footsteps]

[knock, door handle clicks]

Where's Connerty?

I don't know. He left.

[indistinct conversations]

I know you're pissed.

I get it. But let's channel that, shall we?

How did you know that Tara Mohr was leaking information?

She just felt wrong.

She was always just around, hovering. Why?

She can't be the only one.

[telephone ringing in distance]

Chuck: We're gonna need personnel files for this floor, and banking records.

I wanna know who else is wrong.

Yeah, you got it.


[water flowing]

[door clicks]


[door closes]


Hey. [Inhales sharply]

Everything's set.

All we have to do is... [sighs] get it to the plane with us.

You're amazing. Thank you.


But we don't have to go.


[inhales deeply] The leak was Wendy, but not how we thought.

She didn't sell me out.

Still, case is done.

Rhoades can't act on what he has.

[whispers] Oh, f*ck.

[normal voice] We really don't have to go.


Oh. [Exhales deeply]


I am so g*dd*mn glad we don't have to turn our boys into fondue eaters.

[both laugh] [pats back]

[both inhale deeply]

And Wendy?


For good, I think.

Well, it's for the best, you know.

She outlived her utility as a weather vane of what her husband was gonna do.


She's more than that, Lar.


You know, I don't really want to talk about her anymore.


Look at this.

There was a time when this was more than we ever could've imagined having, you know?

We'd always talk about doing without, living simple.

Hard to think about going back.

[chuckles] Yeah.

Really is. [inhales deeply]

[rustling resumes]

Well, I'll return it all to the bank tomorrow.

[rustling continues]

You know what? Don't.

Leave it here.

♪ pensive music ♪

You never know.


[lid closes]



Kate: That's him.

African-American gentlemen, Jefferies, Clement. Age 62.

Okay. Let's see if we can Tinker Tailor his ass.

[telephone ringing in distance]

[door closes]

Chuck: Dale.


The team needs the latest on our Axe Capital wire.

I need the latest on the wire myself bec...

Don't answer me back. Conveying the intel is your job.

The FBI can't put those wires up and then not share on the comeback.

Sir, all due respect, I'm awfully confused.

Don't worry, don't worry. We'll straighten it all out.

I'll book a meeting with you and Terri.

[pats back]

[Chuck sighs heavily]

[bag rustles]

[lid clatters]

[indistinct conversations]

What are you eating?

[door closes]


Not here. Too good to pass up.

Bruno, what's hot?

I got a fresh nonna pie and a hot pepperoni.

Nonna pie.



[pan clatters]

[rubs palms]

Enjoy, eh?

[keys jingle]

And lock up when youse are done.

Good night, Bruno.

[door bells jingle]

[chair scrapes floor]

[sighs heavily]




[plate thuds]

Okay. Now what?

[napkin rustles]

I don't wanna ruin your appetite just as you started digging in, but... [sighs] I need to tell you that your boss got that bogus information on Axe and the cops by accessing his wife's private notes.



[sighs heavily]

I'm sure by now he's dropped it.

He has.

[inhales deeply] Then my part is done for now.

Oh, what the f*ck? Come on.

Hang for a minute, Bryan.

Listen to what Bobby has to say.

[keys jingle]

I can't sit with you.

Sure, you can.

[keys clatter, door closes]

You want to.

[chair clatters]

Same way you want to stare at the lions at the zoo.

[clicks teeth] Bach walks around thinking he's better and smarter than everyone.

And you know why?

'Cause he is.

That's right, only he says you're just as smart.

Even more focused, younger, hungrier.


[inhales deeply]

I don't know about any of that.

I know hard work.

Yeah, you work hard.

But it's much more than that.

You're driven the way only someone brought up from nothing, the way we were, can be.

Chuck Rhoades, for all his ambition, he can never need it the way we do.

But the guy's had a safety net all his life.

You and me? We never had a f*cking net.

That's why it can never work, in the long-term, you under him...

Because he can't understand what matters to you the way I can.


[inhales deeply]

I spend every minute of my day going after guys like you.

That attitude, that focus, that ability... it's not being fostered where you're at, is it?

It's being thwarted, in fact.

And eventually... [clicks teeth] what you're feeling will turn to disgust and self-hatred, and in the end, apathy, if it hasn't already.

Oh, that's your diagnosis?

What's your cure?

You know what it is.

Come work for Bach's firm on my account.

♪ pensive music ♪

It's a different kind of integrity where at least you know you're never lying to yourself.


I'm offering challenging work.

You'll be allowed to win... expected to, on your own terms.

And, of course, you'll be rewarded.

Seven figures, starting.

And an ability to help your family, really help them.

Your mom... she won't have to work so hard, not at all, unless she wants to.

Time to take your seat at the grown-ups' table.


[inhales deeply]

That's not who I am.

I can't picture it.

Oh, I think you can picture it now.


The Bryan Connerty at the settlement conference... he would've stormed out of here the moment I walked in.

But you stayed, and you listened.


And like you said... [inhales deeply]

I stare at the lions at the zoo, too.

Doesn't mean I wanna be one.

Sure, it does. Everyone wants to be a lion.

Most people just never get the chance.

I'm offering you one now.

♪ tense music ♪

[clicks teeth]


Thanks for the pizza.

[table creaks]

[footsteps depart]

I didn't hear "no."

[vehicles passing]


[door bell jingles]

[door closes, cellphone vibrates]

[vibrating continues]

[touchscreen clicks]


Hall: Source says Rhoades has listening devices in place at Axe Cap.

f*ck. f*ck!

♪ tense music ♪

Okay, get a sweep going now.

Already in progress.

[phone thuds]


[brakes squeal in distance]

man: Welcome to the club, sir.

Chuck Rhoades. We spoke earlier.

As I said, I'm sorry, we don't have any suites available on short notice.

I'll let you know as soon as one opens up.

[keys clatter]

Thank you.

[keys jangle]

[lock clicks, door opens]



[distant laughter]

[laughter continues in distance]

[touchscreen clicks]

[sighs heavily]


[exhales deeply]

You've reached Wendy Rhoades. Please leave a message.


[cellphone clicks]

[electronic devices beeping]


[beeping continues]

[beeping continues]


All clear again, just like the last two times.

[door closes]

Are you sure you and your guys were thorough?

You watched. We hit every inch of the place.


So what do we do now?

There's nothing more we can do on this level.

[inhales sharply] We can only go deeper.


Then go deeper.

All the way down.




[rustling continues]


[package rustles]

[drill whirring]

[whirring continues]

[grunts] [thud]


[fabric ripping]


[fabric ripping]


f*ck! [Grunts]


[breathing heavily]


[breathing heavily]

There's nowhere left to check.

We've gone down to the rivets.

I say there's nothing here.

Are you sure?


You can never be sure.


[footsteps depart]


[inhales deeply]

[footsteps approach]


I thought your kind could only come in when invited.

Look at what you did to this f*cking place.

I wonder what would've made you feel you needed to do this.

But you do know we were never able to get a warrant to bug it.

Oh, not having a warrant wouldn't stop you.

Or maybe there is one buried in the ceiling somewhere.

I can't... I can't really remember.

What the f*ck are you even doing here?

I come bearing gifts.



Open it.




I want you to have that.


As a reminder.

I don't need a reminder.

The memory of shoving that up your ass makes me laugh at least once a day.

Yeah, I bet it does.

[package rustles]


But I'm not laughing.

Oh, you should.

The studies say that laughter does more to contribute to a general sense of well-being than almost anything else.

Oh, yeah. No, of course. I love to laugh.

I'm not laughing now is what I should've said.

Oh, why is that?

Because my wife kicked me out.

[clothes rustle]

Good for her!


But she's not here either, if you're trying to find her.


We've both lost her.


Well, then maybe you have a sliver of my pain, because you stripped away everything that matters to me.

You came at me!

Because you're a criminal, Bob.


And it's my job to shut 'em down and put 'em in jail.

Well, if that's true, you're not very good at it.

You're also full of shit.

[footsteps scuffle]

What have I done wrong? Really?

Except make money, succeed.


All these rules and regulations... arbitrary, chalked up by politicians for their own ends.

And these fines you're always going after...

Where do they go? Who gets them? The poor? No.

The Treasury, the government.


It's taxation by other means.

Save the civics lesson and the Ayn Rand bullshit.

The fines are the minimum of what you should have to pay.

Oh, you decide what cases to take, and you only take the cases you won't lose.

But you got it wrong with me... because this country... [sighs] .. was built on industry and competition.

So they will always have a place for me.


And maybe a few generations from now, they'll tell stories about you... like they do Jesse James... [chuckles] ....or Billy the Kid.

Oh, the myth is so f*ckin' romantic.

The rugged individual who won't back down to the unimaginative, do-gooder authorities.

Only in reality, those guys stole and hurt and destroyed lives.

Now you say you don't think you've harmed anyone.

I say that the effect is the same, worse even, because you infect the entire world.

You throw the whole system off balance, leaving chaos and poverty in your wake.

I make the system run.


I have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes and philanthropy.


I am employ hundreds of people directly, thousands indirectly.

What do you do?

Nothing... besides suck from the municipality, feed off of it.

And in exchange, you what? Keep order?

You're a traffic cop hiding in federal robes.

[pats chest]

I'm moved.

I am... that is gonna play huge to the other guys ...on your cell block.


Oh, you're sure to become President of the, uh, Libertarian Club of Danbury Federal Prison.

'Cause no matter what you say, that's where you're ending up.

Keep that as a memento.

And every time you look at it, know that deal is as good as it is ever gonna get for you.

And one day, you are gonna wish like f*cking hell that it was still on the table.

Then you should've kept half of that for yourself, too.

Because when I pull a deal off the table, I leave Nagasaki behind.

♪ dramatic music ♪

[footsteps scuffle]

You know the only enemy more dangerous than a man with unlimited resources...

...is one with nothing to lose.

And that is what you are looking at right here.

[Titus Andronicus' "Dimed Out" playing]

♪ I used to like walking with my eyes down ♪
♪ I'd sleep all day and fret away the night hours ♪
♪ But then I saw the sun and felt its light's power ♪
♪ And I found out the planet ain't no private house ♪
♪ Now I turn a brave bully to a shy coward ♪
♪ I make a loud lout silent as a quiet mouse ♪
♪ Then I make them hand over the white cloud ♪
♪ And then they're leaving me with a polite bow ♪
♪ And I've got plans I haven't time to write down ♪
♪ I'll incite a riot, fire flying all around ♪
♪ When I'm crying out, I'm howling with the wild hounds ♪
♪ Don't wanna buy an ounce, for me, the right amount ♪
♪ Is the entire pound ♪
♪ I only like it when it's dimed out ♪
♪ When it's dimed out, when it's dimed out ♪
♪ When it's dimed out, when it's dimed out ♪
♪ When it's dimed out ♪
♪ When it's dimed out ♪
♪ When it's dimed out ♪
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